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Benoit Christin

Mortgage broker for solutions within your reach.

Our services

Mortgage broker - free service

Mortgage broker self-employed and independent, I am not tied to any particular lender. Knowing the standards of several lenders greatly increases your possibilities. I will find for you, the mortgage that best suits your needs.

Free ?

The lender pays me.

Because ?

I prepare the financing file.

I get and check the credit report

I follow up with you for documents

I send a complete request to the lender

I get the information requested by the analyst

I bring significant volume to lenders

I only get paid if you get a loan

It's quick and easy financing for them.

This is why lenders are happy to do business with a broker. They save on their administrative costs and then give my clients better rates and terms.

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Benoit Christin

Mortgage broker

Our Rates


The best rate is not necessarily the best product! Avoiding the hidden pitfalls of mortgage financing and we will make sure that the institution's contract gives you the freedom you need in the future while avoiding penalties, This is what we do for a living// This is our Business.




HYPOTHECA MORTGAGE BROKER is a Quebec group of more than 200 agents working in the mortgage sector.

HYPOTHECA negotiates with more than 15 lending institutions. What makes our negotiating strength is a volume of nearly 1.5 billion in mortgage loans each year

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