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Our services

Mortgage broker


For a first home or a new purchase?

  • With a prequalification, you will know which houses fit your budget

  • I will explain to you how your borrowing capacity is calculated

  • We will find together the ideal lender according to your situation

  • We will see if government assistance could apply

to your situation

  • I will guide you and advise you on the steps to come for this important transaction

Contact me! You will have precise information according to the current market.

(Not the opinion of your aunt who bought her house in the 90's)


Is your Mortgage Renewal about to expire ?


Would you like a mortgage refinancing, a line of credit?

Renovations, purchase project, owed debts or other projects?

  • We will jointly assess the feasibility of your project

  • I will help you compare your lender's offer with other available products

  • We will assess the costs related to your project. (Applicable penalties, notary fees, etc.)

  • We will check if it is profitable for you to change lender

Contact us

Call me! With these information in hand, you will be able to make the best decision

In the process of separating

And you would like a mortgage to buy out your

ex-spouse's share ?


We will objectively look over together :

  • How to calculate the present value of each partner's share

  • If you have the financial capacity to assume the mortgage alone

  • I will guide you through the different steps of the financing process

All this seems complicated to you ?

Contact me! I can demystify all this with you.

You would like to

Purchase an  income property with 1 to 6 units?

  • I will evaluate your file according to the different obligations that the lenders can ask you to provide.

  • We will look at the available sources to acquire the down payment.

  • Together we will find the lender and the product that suits your needs.

Contact me! You will find answers to your questions.

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